July 8 – July 12

Fall Championships are won in the Summer.

The 2019 Run Tyler Cross Country Camp will be located in Tyler, Texas on July 8 – July 12. Camp athletes will enjoy safe and scenic training runs through city parks and connecting trail systems.


 We are excited to offer the first annual Run Tyler Cross Country Camp this summer to East Texas high and middle school athletes! Camp participants will receive training plans from an experienced, professional running coach alongside other high/middle school athletes. Run Tyler is dedicated to inspiring runners of all abilities to reach their personal goals, and providing education about appropriate training, injury prevention, and race-strategy. 



2019 Run tyler xc camp


  • Professional coaching
  • Customized training schedule
  • Group training runs Monday-Friday
  • Safe running locations
  • Hydration-supported runs
  • Dynamic warmup and drills
  • Post-run recovery and discussion 
  • Functional strength tailored to runners (resistance bands provided)
  • Open to runners 13-18 years old

Camp Details

The 2019 Run Tyler cross country camp combines a scenic and safe location with dedicated, professional coaching staff.

Camp athletes will learn to direct their minds and bodies toward attaining goals while enjoying this increasingly popular sport with other like-minded runners.  Through professional training, qualified education, and loads of fun, we help create a winning mindset that expands on and off the course. We aim to make achieving “personal best” a trend for our runners.

The Run Tyler Cross Country Camp will help your athlete develop as a runner, provide practical tools to help them achieve championship performances, and set them on a trajectory for a healthy lifestyle!

What can you expect?

A typical morning will consist of dynamic stretching and warmups as athletes convene before starting the run. During the run, athletes are paired together for safety and given instructions regarding the course and hydration points. Post-run cool down and recovery will take place as athletes reconvene and leave for the day. Running sessions throughout the week will include: aerobic efficiency, movement efficiency, and hill workouts. Your athlete will be guided through race strategy, team-building and ways to maximize performance through nutrition. 

Training runs will take place on Monday-Friday mornings at 6:45AM. Each day will finish around 8:00-8:15AM. On the last day, Friday, we will have a “team breakfast” at Fresh by Brookshires. 

Join us this Summer for an extraordinary opportunity!


Camp Shirt

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Register by June 30, 2019!


Contact Us

About Us


Our History

How We Got Started

After a lifetime of running, 2 years of high school coaching and 6 years of college coaching, RJ Cowan decided to turn his passion for coaching young runners into a way of serving the Tyler running community. Run Tyler was founded by RJ and Sarah Cowan in October 2018. 

Athletes we've worked with

RJ has worked with over 170 athletes ranging from middle school, to college, to adult runners of all abilities. Whether it’s your first time breaking 8 minutes in the mile or your first time breaking 16 minutes in the 5K, we’re here to help you achieve your most exciting goals. 


Camp Directors

RJ Cowan

RJ Cowan


Running Enthusiast, Health & Kinesiology Professor, Sport Nutritionist, Professional Running Coach, 2x All-American Cross Country Champion

Sarah Cowan

Sarah Cowan


Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT 200), Mama to Elijah and Ezra,  M.S. Health Sciences

Angie Shoffner

Angie Shoffner


Certified Health Education Specialist, Nutrition Educator, Boston Marathon Qualifier, M.S. Health Sciences


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Click on any of the “Register” buttons or email us at runtylercoaching@gmail.com for more information.

Where will the athletes be running?

We will be utilizing city parks and connecting trail systems: Legacy Trail, Three Lakes Track, and Faulkner Park. In the future, a link to course maps will be provided.   

Is this a co-ed running camp?

Yes! Our XC Camp is for girls and guys! Our training runs will take place in the morning at 6:45AM. To learn more about safety precautions, please see the FAQ about safety for our athletes.

What are the start and end times?

Start time is 6:45AM. We’ll start the warmup with drills at this time. Most runs will commence just before 7AM and we will transition to strength and stretch after. 

We will be done with the days training around 8:00-8:15AM each day. The final day, Friday, we will have a “team breakfast.” Parents are encouraged to attend. 


How are you ensuring the safety of the athletes?

We will use a buddy-system by placing athletes in pairs. Courses are looped, so the coach can check in on the athletes periodically during the run. The athletes will be running through city parks and trail systems to avoid roadways/traffic. We know Texas summers are hot! Our athletes will have the ability to take in plenty of fluids while they train. Athletes are also welcome to run with their phones/smart watches. 


Join us this summer!