James Gillingham

Inspirational Quote

"The road to easy street goes through the sewer."

– John Madden

Age: 38

Occupation: Attorney

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

College: Undergrad: University of Texas at Austin; Law School: Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Years Running: Since 2005

Running volume: ~25 mpw

Reason for running: I run to relax, destress, stay healthy, and explore new places


Race Distance: 15k, marathon

Race: Chicago Marathon and Fresh 15k

Song to run to: Kanye West – Power

Go-to breakfast: Toast with peanut butter

Post-race indulgence: Hazy IIPA

Running memory: The first thing that comes to mind is running the Tyler Turkey Trot in 2018. It was the time I raced with both my wife and my daughter (though she slept in her stroller through almost the whole race)

Book: Fountainhead


Biggest career accomplishment: One of my favorite work accomplishments is having an oral argument against Ken Starr and winning

Biggest life accomplishment: My biggest accomplishment is my daughter. I will never do anything that tops that. However, my son, who is coming in February, may have something to say about that.

Long term goals: I really want to break 4:00 in the marathon. Other than that, I would like to run a 5k that is sub 7:00 pace