Amy Bundy

Inspirational Quote

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination

Age: 38

Occupation: Nurse Practitioner

Hometown: Tyler, TX

College: UT Tyler, UT Arlington

Years Running: 1.5 years 

Running volume: 50 mpw

Reason for running: Running was definitely a weakness of mine that I wanted to work on. I ended up starting it at just the right time as I was working on my doctorate. It really helped to manage my stress levels. I was able to get my runs in before my family woke up so it didn’t impact the time I was getting to spend with them either. I am a *bit* goal oriented & I am really enjoying having a new goal to work on 🙂 I am also really enjoying being outside more. It is so peaceful before the sun comes up, its becoming my favorite way to start the day.


Race Distance: All of them! I tend to like the longer distances (half and full marathons) a little bit more though.

Race: SeaWheeze 13.1 in Vancouver, Oslo Marathon, & Fresh 15k 

Song to run to: Bow Down by I Prevail

Go-to breakfast: eggs with spinach, gluten free bagel, & LOTS of coffee

Movie: Back to the Future

Running Memory: Finding an empty port-a-potty at just the right moment 😉 Oh, & getting in to the 2020 Berlin Marathon via the lottery! 2020 is going to be a fun year!


Biggest accomplishment: My biggest accomplishment is getting to be a mom. I grateful everyday for my husband and two sons, and can’t believe how quickly our boys are growing in to young men. It goes by so fast!

Career accomplishment:  In 2019 I became Dr. Amy Bundy, DNP. That was one of those things I said I would NEVER do, just like running… 😉

Long Term Goals: Working hard towards a BQ marathon time in 2020 to go to the Boston Marathon in 2021. Then more race traveling!